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Hi everybody. This week is just a general observations column.

This week we will have two major returns and a departure in Oakdale.
On Wednesday,Kelley Menighan Hensley returned as Emily. Emily left this past summer when she learned her sister Alison had slept with her man,DustyThis came on the heels of a reveal to her mother Susan about her hooker past and Ali's porn past.Her first scenes were with her real life hubby Jon Hensley. I wonder if there will be a romance as hinted. Will there be another "quad" with Emily,Holden,Lily and Dusty?It seems Jean is very fond of those quad storylines.

Speaking of quads,Jack,Carly,Katie,and Brad are moving along with Katie asking for an anulment and Carly keeping the truth from Jack. We almost saw history repeat itself when it was Pau this timel who almost cause a wreck for Rosanna in the Paul,Rosanna,Meg and Craig quad.

Newcomer Dylan Bruce steps in to the role of Dr. Chris Hughes.Will he be a winner like Bailey Chase and Paul Korver before him or a miscasted dud like Ben Jorgenson and Alan White?I hope there are plenty of scenes with his parents and his brother and sister in law. Previous Chris's have had a special relationship with Grandma Nancy. Time will tell.

Alexandria Chando leaves as Maddie Coleman this week.Her storyline fizzled when Zach Roering who played her boyfriend Casey left. Her romance with the troubled Noah Mayer didn't get off the ground. No big surprise that they cut their losses with Maddie.

Speaking of Noah (and Luke),their story is slowing down again since Daniel Hugh Kelly was written off as Noah's psycho dad,Winston Mayer.I have read on other messageboards that Luke's paralysis isjust a way to postpone the next step in their relationship:sex.Of course,disabled and handicapped people can still have sex. Do you think Jean will go there an educate the audience? Unh uh!!

Speaking of messageboards,we certainly have one of the best here! The History Forum,The Torture Chamber,The Ball Room,DR-TV and each show has its' on forum! There is a lot of good ATWT fans here and I encourage you to join in and post. Especially post in the ATWT forums.I am speaking to myself too!!!I don't post like I should and I am going to try to make a better effort of it. I tend to post less when I don't like what I am seeing on the show but I am going to try to do better.The Admins have really worked hard on the board and we need to pitch in and help!

Speaking of the History Forum,Steve has done a great job with that and we are lucky to have it. I have decided to share some of my favorite ATWT links with you. You can find many like these in the History forum.

A good ATWT history site that hasn't been updated lately:
ATWT News and Previews

Another one:
Classic ATWT

And another
Children of Oakdale

Have you wanted to visit a site where you can access transcripts of the day's show? This site has ATWT transcripts along with other shows:
Soap Transcripts

What are your opinions on the comings and goings of Oakdale? Do you like the quad storytelling? How do you feel NUKE is being handled? Will the show take that extra step and show a sexual realtionship? Do you have any favorite ATWT links you'd like to share?
I would appreciate your comments!

Until next time!
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