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Steve Frame
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Mason AKA Hogan
Oct 24 2007, 09:24 PM
I have to agree. I hate GH's 3 good months, 9 bad months sweeps strategy, but it does work, and they do win sweeps every year.

We blame GH for this but in reality has any show now had more than 3 months for awhile that is good. GH just does their in the months that matter.

For over a year now when I complain about Days I am told that Days is always slow during certain months and then comes on in the fall. Well what is different about that than what GH does.

ATWT has been so boring and bad most of this year. I can probably count 2 solid months of shows this year.

GL had a wonderful January and then was so bad for so long. Just lately have they picked back up in excitement and quality for me.

OLTL was so bad much of this year and the last 2 months have really come on.

AMC had a great January and February with the serial killer and then a solid month with the start of the crash story.

and so on and so on.

The argument about GH being the only show that does this anymore doesn't ring true. Days probably had 3 good quality months in all of 2006 and about that so far in 2007 because from the 3rd week of January until well into May the show was unwatchable.
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