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Steve Frame
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I can't believe I am going to say this, but I hardly remember anything about Wednesday's show. It wasn't totally boring but it just was not memorable. Terri Garber was good as usual as Iris and I remember some of the Holden/Dusty stuff, but the rest was just a blur.

I cannot get over how ATWT had so many great shows in a row a few weeks back. Everything seemed to be on fire and some of us were even wondering if JP was gone. I mean balance is still okay. Some new people are getting stories, but the show is just so boring right now. And no one seems happy at all. I mean counter all the doom and gloom and unhappy couples with something happy. Will/Gwen is somewhat happy but not that much - not enough to make up for the rest of the doom and gloom we are getting.

Oh that does remind me of one other scene today that popped in my head - the Henry, Vienna, & Maddie scene at the Diner. I so want Henry away from Vienna. She is ruining him and this diner story with him is pathetic. I have always loved Henry but I so hate him with Vienna.
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