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Tom Langan ... he wasnt bad at days at all, IMO., best writer ever? no. but there have been far worse.

HS currently at days. hes hated on a lot but i like how he is slowly building the show back into a great daytime drama. if it goess off the air then at least it will go off being a great soap opera. Yes he does have his faults, but what writers dont? im not so muhc a huge fan of it as i think hes bashed and hated on a lot more than he deserves.

JER could be great, and at times is. i think he needs a co-HW. but i think all soaps need 2 HW's to balance things and bounce ideas off eachother.

Guza on GH. GH is a great soap, IMO, and hjas been for a lopng time. Does he focus on the mob to much? i think so. however GH still does quite well in ratings. So obviously not all fans hate it. I think this goes to show how on the internet we all seem to belive this is the voice of every soap fan and almost all soap fans feel this way, but they dont.

who as at GL before the current crap writers we have? they were not bad.
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