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The vision of the future for the twins was a little sad. It showed how afraid Lucas is of one of them having EJ as a father. Both men said they would raise the children as their own, yet this showed Lucas's doubts. I also believe that he is fearful that Sami wouldn't be a part of her daughters life either. While she comes in to the pub with EJ and John Roman all the talk was money being spent, yet the daughter would take lessons from a school teacher. If Sami wanted her children treated the same she would ask EJ to help the children get along. Oh and the daughter with Lucas was adorable.
I really hope this is not how the storyline plays out. I would hate for both children to be treated so differenly just because of their paternity.

I understand Hope's anger about Philip and Belle sleeping together, but I found her to be quite the hypocrit. Did she or did she not go to an Island and have a fling with Patrick. She also thought she was pregnant by him. Her and Bo were supposively on a break, but she still turned to Patrick before they left for the island.

The fight. I have no idea if I liked the way it was filmed or not. I did however like the snide comment Philp made that started the fight. Asking Shawn how does he know he hasn't already been in Belle's bed. They need to stop making things so obvious that things will happen again between Belle and Philip. Two days in a row she has said it will never happen again. *sigh*
Oh the highlight of the fight was Caroline. She had fire in her eyes. I love how she didn't only blame Philip but Shawn as well. Who knew she was such a spit fire.
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