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Viewing Single Post From: DAYS: Thursday, Oct. 25
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After all... tomorrow is another day!

So I'm pretty sure I reacted to those Lucas nightmare visions the exact opposite way this show intended. Didn't feel bad for him one bit. You're a chump for staying with Sami, Lucas. And I know your feeling Sami's kid daughter. I hate Lucas, too. If only Lucas would let you go live with your mommy in the DiMansion you could have a horse and your own violin tutor, too, just like your brother. Sorry your dad had to sabotage his own chances for personal wealth by tanking the company he worked at just to get revenge on your dad's love rival for your mom. Sucks to be you. Didn't really enjoy teenage prep Johnny being mean to fat Sami's girl, but loved the scene at the graves. Why are you so hateful? Why are you a drunk? LOLOLOLOLOLOL. That's his father's son all right.

Love Caroline with the shillelagh breaking up the fight but not thrilled with the CRAZY FIGHTING CAM. It just seemed a bit... much. And is it just me or should Shawn be banned from the pub? Every time he shows up there something gets destroyed. And so what if Phillip wrote the letter to the police talking about why Shawn shouldn't be on the police force? It's not like he LIED about what you did Shawn. Again, I think the people of Salem should send Phillip a THANK YOU for keeping that irresponsible hot head Shawn Brady off a police force already rampant with corruption, incompetence and negligence thanks to the Bradys who run it. Phillip FTW all the way.

Oh for the days when DOOL knew how to write love triangles. I am so sick of these Shellip and Ejamicas triangles. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh Belle has been in love with jobless loser Shawn since high school and hot rich Phillip is trying to win her over. What will she do? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Sami has been in love with jobless loser Lucas since high school (or so the show would have us believe even though she was NOT in love with Lucas back then but actually in love with Austin as much as she was capable of being in love with anyone) and hot rich EJ is trying to win her over. What will she do? Poor poor Marlena's daughters. As someone who has NOTHING whatsoever invested in Shelle or Lumi, I just don't care about their romantic problems one bit right now and as someone who likes Phillip and EJ I don't understand what they see in Belle and Sami right now.

Belle's excuses about why she hooked up with Phillip didn't ring true and Hope came across less hypocritical and annoying than I was expecting. I mean yeah she got her self-righteous judgment in there despite her own succumbing to the temptations of Patrick before, but I mostly saw her just trying to find out what the heck was going on and trying to think up the way to hurt Shawn the least. I was pleased with that because I didn't want to have to be mad at Hope. Still, I'm not going to judge Belle for her affair even if I think she's lying to herself about the reasons for it happening. Because I still feel for the girl losing her father and will for a very long time as I am still hurting from John's loss too. That is a problem I actually care about of hers.

Those babies creeped me out when EJ was waving at them through the nursery glass. I know in the past I wanted a DiBrady baby but not one that looks so creepy as that. I don't know if these were robobabies or real ones but they're still giving me nightmares either way.

Shawn is such a chump not figuring out the sheets. Bwahahahahaha. Sorry Shawn fans but I love seeing him cuckolded as payback for shacking up with Willow and putting me through the torture of Shelligan's Island. Still, with that little tender moment at the end with the happy music I think Shelle remains the triangle's twu wuv couple regardless of how much hotter the Phelle sex was. Because that's just how this show rolls.

Nice subtlety with the "EJ IS GOING TO GET SHOT AND I WILL BE A SUSPECT" randomness between Lucas and Bo at the end. Yeah, I'm going to be totally shocked when an attempt is made on EJ's life.
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