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Lucas's visions are just that ... his visions. I'm confident EJ would want the girl living with them, as well, and wouldn't treat her any differently. Later in life, they may get treated in different ways. For instance, when it comes to inheriting the Dimera riches, or carrying out the family wishes.

I totally understood where Hope was coming from. She's looking out for her son. Nixs, Hope did go have a fling with Patrick, but at the time, she left Salem to get away from Bo. She was angry and frustrated with him, and their marriage was in a bad state. What Belle did was far worse because her and Shawn weren't in such a situation as that right now.

Seeing the sheets, Shawn has totally figured it out, IMO. But, he won't admit the truth to himself, or will deny any further suspicions because he doesn't want to come face to face with the truth. That's why he reacted so quickly and agressively when Phillip made that comment about how Belle might be in bed already.
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