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OK,I hope Holden and Lily are going to take care of that seperation.I am tired of hearing them constantly talking about it.I will say it again:how long has Holden known Lily? About 20 years?That is about 40 years in soap time! Lily is BEING LILY! She is acting and reacting the way she always has!Holden ought to know that!

Alison saw Chris at the hospital today. She told him she was there with friends. Excuse me Ali but Will is Chris' cousin!He would have known who you were talking about,I think. It would have been nice to have had a conversation between Chris and Bob today.Memo to Chris G and Jean P:Not only is Chris Will'sand Barbara's cousin but Bob is his dad. And oh yes! Meg cannot have children!

Lisa was back today! How nice to see her in person! Ms Fulton has been earning her paycheck lately by doing a voiceover occasionnaly:"On the next As the World Turns....."

It would have been funny if Lisa had came up to Emily today and made a remark that the Lakeview was off limits to Oakdale's answer to the Happy Hooker!

I so want Henry away from Vienna. She is ruining him and this diner story with him is pathetic. I have always loved Henry but I so hate him with Vienna.

I totally agree with you Steve. What a waste of Trent Dawson and Henry Coleman!
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