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The Royal Dork

Dusty/Alison/Chris & Emily:
It bugs me how....
1) They're back one day and already acting like horny teenagers.
2) Emily's so happy-go-lucky about everything (only cuz she's gettin' some!)
3) I'm assuming that Emily never told Chris about Alison/Dusty because he acted clueless to Dusty's agitation.
4) Dusty automatically assumes that Emily came back to town and wants to give them a 2nd chance. And when he sees Emily with Chris, what does he do? Storms off like an upset little second grader and POUTS!!!
5) I don't like that Emily's rubbing her new romance all in Ali's face, especially since Chris cheated on Ali with Emily, which caused a HUGE rift between Ali and Emily.
6) "Chris, I thought you were in Africa?" Uh...no, but he WAS supposed to be in Philadelphia!
7) Chris looks the same age as Alison!! He looks so friggin' young!!! Grow some facial hair or something!
8) I agree with James. Umm....your dad's on duty and you still can't at least say "Hey, Dad, I'm back"? And then you leave with your ex-fiancee & sister/daughter of your girlfriend instead of going to see your grandma Nancy or your mom Kim??????
9) Alison acts all giddy when she sees Chris. Umm....last time you saw him, you hated him. He was the cause of emotional havoc in your life and when he returns, you stutter like a little giddy airhead?!

I can see where they are both coming from, but let's face it. PissAnt despises happiness (obviously because she's so miserable in her own life). Martha Byrne looked MARVELOUS today and her scene were pure EMMY MATERIAL!! God, I love that woman! I'd seriously DIE if I ever got the chance to meet her. I wouldn't be able to speak for WEEKS! On another note....your husband is threatening to end your marriage over problems that stem from your relationship with Dusty and yet, what do you do? You walk into the diner, see Dusty, and instead of looking the other way or telling Dusty that you can't talk with him anymore....YOU SIT WITH HIM!!!

Baby shmabey. Can't have kids? Good! You're kids yourself-how ya gonna raise one???!!!!! And Gwen's so FREAKING obsessed with becoming pregnant (to make right the horrible first pregnancy experience that she had) that she's brainwashed Will into thinking he wants a child, too!

The New Style
Hate the new lighting and cameras. When Will and Gwen were alone in the hospital, I almost got dizzy! FIRE THE CAMERA MAN WITH ARTHRITIS!! And what the hell's with the lights?! There were streaks all over Lily's face in her diner scenes with Dusty!
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