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OMG...This is gonna get NASTY!

At one of the meetings they had in dealing with the strike, they said that for Night Shift [on SoapNet] and [ATWT/Y&R web series] and LA Diaries and for Passions, they had done separate contract deals because they didn't have anything that would cover that.

So, the writers of GH: NS aren't under WGA rules? How the heck did that happen, esp. if it airs on network television?!

I figured as much about stuff like COASTAL DREAMS, LA DIARIES, and all the PASSIONS webisodes.

And it's shocking to me that these writers are NOT getting compensated, not even at all, for webstreams or iTunes stuff.

That must mean directors and actors aren't getting their cut either.

If I were with the WGA, I'd strike now...and play hardball till the directors and then the actors strike.

Man, even the directors are pissed. This is gonna be quite a showdown.
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