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I kind of think he knows "something" happened. But part of him doesn't want to admit that something did happen and/or he is trying to figure out how "willing of a participant" Belle was before he throws accusations at her.

Everything Hope had said was basically what Shawn had been complaining about for months. And the fact that Belle had just had sex with Philip pretty much justified Shawn's issues which Hope called Belle out on right there.

The fight was good. Admit I was yelling for Shawn to "go for the leg". Philip basically had it plastered on his face that he scored with Belle and deserved the punch from Shawn. I did love Caroline coming to break it up. That did make me laugh. Someone else mentioned the camera shots of the fight. It was very different and not really sure if I liked it. It sort of made me a bit dizzy once or twice. One thing that I am noticing lately is in general how the show is put together and it is something I like.
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