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Jinxed Soul
Oct 25 2007, 09:22 PM
The nursery scene was freaky! How decliously evil did EJ look when he standing on the opposite side of the glass just waving at the newborns?!Its as if he has an entirely different agenda on his mind for those twins. That certainly wasn't a glare of love.

Wow, I saw things SO differently! lol.

I thought, "Now THAT is a father."

Meanwhile, we had LucASSHOLE having, what, good dreams? Happy hopes for his children's future? No.


We had nothing of the sort.

We had a pessimistic ASSHOLE whose visions managed to insult fat people, drunks and the wealthy -- ALL at once! The stereotypes were disgusting. And Lucas proved to me tonight that he is one unfit parent!

Oh, and Phawn?! FUCK YOU BOTH.

Fighting is SOOOOOOOOOOOO uncool.

Especially if it's over a girl.

GOOD men, CIVIL men take anger-management courses or they just walk away. What the FUCK are you going to get accomplished fucking each other up?!

Again, I don't know about everyone else, but where I live, fighting is "over," as they say, so these scenes didn't work for me at all.

I saw two PIGS who were rolling around on the floor.

TWO JERKOFFS whose behavior is SO low-class and embarrassing they should never have been born.

IT was DISGUSTING television.

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