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I know I'm late but good show.

Phelle were hot and I am really enjoying this triangle, especially now with all this drama. Hope and Shawn's talk was nice and liked the end scene with Philip and Shawn's showdown. Martha was great again today and I love how Hope put the pieces together. Great scene. Nice seeing Ciara too. She looked adorable!

Marlena slapping EJ was priceless. Dee is on fire and I loved seeing Kate's reactions. I also like EJ being surprised she would do that. The Lumi scenes with the baby were cute. I enjoyed Marlena/Sami again too and I also like the setup to what appears to be a "who tried to kill" EJ story. Seeing all the threats on his life today with special emphasis places on witnesses that are around was pretty cool. I always like stuff like that and I'm glad this story is getting somewhere...finally!!!

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