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Great episode today.

I loved the fight scenes with Shawn and Philip. Great direction and camera angles. It felt so real. I also loved Caroline beating Philip off with a stick. One of the funniest moments of the year IMO :lol: . Philip throwing money out without a thought for damages was so true to the Kiriakis way too.

The Belle/Hope scenes were great. Sure it was a little hypocritical of Hope but Belle deserved what she got. I love Bo and Hope being involved here and I like how they portrayed Hope not being willing to keep this secret. She is doing it for her son and it played out great. Martha was great and so was Kristian. Good work.

I loved Lucas' visions and thought the actors and actresses playing the twins in the visions were great. They were so sad and harsh but that added some weight and BD was very good today. The Lucas/Sami scenes were so sweet and I love how Roman, Bo, and Hope came to see her. Nice family scenes. The ending with Bo/Lucas was more foreshadowing and more nice setup. I think it worked well as an ending.

EJ looking in on the twins was creepy and chilling. I am so happy they used real babies in those scenes. EJ's little speech about the children at the end almost sounded like the speech Superman's father said to him before sending him away :lol: .

Liked the police scenes and the fact that they aren't dropping John's hit and run. Good scenes there in tying it to the Dimera's.

Looks like sorority crew is back tomorrow, which is ok with me. They have had a long enough break IMO and I enjoy that story quite a bit.
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