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Oct 26 2007, 08:04 AM
Sure, Days isn’t known for its acting, but after 20 years as Bo Brady, you’d think Reckell would have at least learned how to impersonate an actor. During John Black’s epic funeral last week, it was clear that Reckell couldn’t act his way out of a parking ticket, let alone emote any kind of grief or infuse just a hint of life into his dialogue. It’s ironic because he wasn’t that bad when he debuted on the soap in the ‘80s — he was raw and intense back in the day, but now he’s just D.O.A.

DAYS isn't known for its acting? I don't really watch any other soaps, so I don't have anything to compare against technically, but what would Deidre Hall, Kristian Alfanso, and Alison Sweeney define? Those are just a few names!

I wouldn't say Peter is the best actor on the show, but he certainly isn't awful. He was amazing during their major storyline of Zach's death, and he's continued to shine overall since. He just hasn't had any really dramatic scenes in a while. I'm trying to think back to John's death to see what exactly the writer is referring to, and I just don't know.
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