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Oct 26 2007, 07:04 AM

Recently two of the worst actors on daytime were fired (Days’ Drake Hogestyn and GH’s Natalia Livingston), which got me thinking what a wonderful world Planet Soap would be without the following performers.

Since Natalie is Clint Buchanan and Victoria Lord’s only biological daughter, an actress of Jerry ver Dorn (Clint) and Erika Slezak’s (Viki) calibre should’ve been cast. Natalie could have been one of the best anti-heroines of our time with her lineage and colourful back-story, but instead, viewers are forced to stomach Archer as she horrifically struggles through her scenes, which is akin to watching President George Bush attempt the English language.

Not once have I seen Archer connect to any truth or genuine emotion; she’s a living and breathing teleprompter. Archer, who has perfected the dazed-and-confused look, lacks skill and technique, which is sad considering her co-stars are top drawer. Sure, she has a vocal fan base, but so does Britney Spears. I know no one ever lost a dollar underestimating the taste of the public, but come on — my dead grandmother could play this role better.


Drake Hogestyn has been horrible at times, but he's been good at times as well. Natalia Livingston also is just hated by Amber Tamblyn fans IMHO. She's not as good an actress as Tamblyn no, but she's ok, not one of the worst IMHO.

Jerry Ver Dorn wasn't even playing Clint Buchanan when Natalie Buchanan (and Melissa Archer joined the show) was introduced. This proves what an ignorant fool this Nelson Branco is!
Melissa Archer shows a range of emotions in each scene she is in. She's a good actress and imho one of the best actresses of her age on soaps period.
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