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I know the shelle fans are disgusted by Belle and Phillip having sex...but i have to say, its the best thing thats happened to this triangle in ages..Finally the ante has been upped, and something happened in this stagnant triangle..And now Hogan and Ed Scott have actually made me interested in this storyline..I'm so excited for Chloe to come and shake things up even more..

In the past, the writers have been so wary of having one of their destined couples cheat on their spouses..There always had to be an underlying circumstance that led to the affair..Bo had to be near death from fumes and think Billie was Hope..Hope wrongly believed Bo had cheated again with Billie to then sleep with Patrick..Jack was mislead into thinking he was with Jennifer when it was really a look a like, John had to believe Marlena was dead to hook up with Kate...And Marlena had to see John hooking up with Kate to finally have sex with Roman (eww the memories)...Well thats not really taking chances, its just giving the person an excuse to make everything alright....

But Belle and Phillip willing had sex...and the ramifications of this should be longlasting..These scenes were definitely the high point of the episode...I loved the Belle and Hope scenes...

The low point was sami, lucas and ej..I have a feeling i might just fast forward their scenes until the big wedding..I'm just so damm bored of these characters being on every single day..Its beyond ridiculous..I love all these characters, but its just too much..
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