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After all... tomorrow is another day!

OK I feel asleep when I attempted to watch this show earlier, so let's try this again.

I suppose I may be the only one besides Terry who feels this way, but my favorite part of the show today BY FAR was the college girls. Nice to have a break from Marlena's daughters and their drama if only for part of the show. The Stephanie-Max-Morgan storyline is actually interesting to me and everyday that it continues and Morgan is not villified to make Stephanie look better is like a gift. Why can't this show write all of its triangles this way without turning one of the parties into a villain?

Yeah Ford is so obviously a creep, and I think it's pretty obvious what happened to Cordy but so far this storyline is not as cringeworthy as I expected. I'm still cautious for this storyline but I am now allowing for the possibility it may not be the unmitigated disaster I feared.

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sick of Lucas. I wish Kate would just SMACK this little bitch again. Why does she even care whether this prick of a son loves her or not? This jerk who cost her her company after she gave him a job and drove her into Stefano's arms because she was broke thanks to him ruining her company just so he could get back at EJ, which didn't even do anything to EJ because he's already rich and has good lawyers. Someone call the whaaaaaaaambulance that you could've been married to Sami a long time ago if not for Kate. As if your and Sami's behavior had nothing to do with you being split until recently. GMAFB. This just seems like more of this show erasing Lumi's true dysfunctional history and trying to pin their whole reason this pair couldn't get together for FOURTEEN YEARS on Kate. And it's B.S. Plus, Lucas just seems like such a phony that he could forgive Sami all of her transgressions yet whenever it's convenient he disowns Kate again. Kate WHO WAS RIGHT that Sami was lying about her relationship with EJ even if she didn't know the total extent of it or dark nature of it and when Lucas doesn't actually know for certain that it was Kate who blackmailed Nick. Honestly I feel like Lucas is just taking out all this crap on Kate that he wishes he could take out on Sami when he doesn't trust her with EJ but won't because he's afraid that'll just push her into EJ's arms even more. Kate deserves better than this. Please give her a new job. A new man. Anything but this. Because I am so so so tired of Kate being run into the ground to pimp Lumi so Lucas can ride his high horse all over her and kick dirt in her face as if that is necessary at this point. Kate vs. Lumi was once fun (before it got played out) when it was Kate-vs-Sami battles with Lucas on the sidelines but the circle of Lucas disowning Kate with Sami as a placid bystander is LAME LAME LAME on a whole other level.

The EJami and Lute conversations were tedious and redundantly redundant. This whole storyline just feels like it's in a holding pattern and has been since January. FREE EJ. Please! I can't even get excited about EJ and Sami's bickerflirting any more because Sami is such a shell of her former self with how fickle she is and how much she defers to Lucas and always looking like crap because she's either crying or whatever that I don't understand what EJ sees in her any more.

This show can have Lucas sing Dolly Parton's "I will always love you" all it wants with Sami crying "but a happy cry" :puke: and I still won't ever see this pair as a supercouple because there is NO HEAT between these two whatsoever and their history has been completely whitewashed to the point that neither of the characters are recognizable any more. PLEASE SEND LUMI TO THE BACKBURNER before this show loses another million viewers as you continue to forcefeed their romance down our throats, Hogan.

Now that said, the babies weren't as scary to me today but actually cute. But where in the hell is Will? I can assume Billie is chasing down the campus rapist and Phillip and Belle have their own issues to deal with to explain why they are not visiting their new niece and nephew but Will? He's been back in Salem like a week. He can't be back at camp already, can he? I mean it was weird that he didn't show up in Lucas's dream yesterday but that he still hasn't come to the hospital is even weirder.

Do I dare fantasize he's out of commission because he's been so busy covering up his role in John's hit and run? Because that a DiMera goon dayplayer randomly hit John not only seems really implausible for how that all played out on our screens but also is a really boring scapegoat for John's death.
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