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I think the only reason that I don't like this storyline is that I feel like there is a ton of rewriting to try and make it work. If we didn't have the past history of Philip/Belle, maybe I could believe that she had these unresolved feelings for Philip and is confused on who she really loves. But the whole time they were married, Belle wanted to be with Shawn. And Philip knows how to play Belle's guilt and does it every time.

This story isn't working for me because it is completely changing the character of Belle from the past. She blamed Shawn for going on the run where the person that was the reason for it was sitting next to her. And really the only difference I see between the two guys is that Philip has money and Shawn which only makes me see Belle as chosing Philip for materialistic reasons.

I see nothing wrong with breaking up pairings and not sticking to the super couple thing. I get that and have no problem with it. If they wanted to make a challenge for Shelle, I think they could have done it without character destruction. They could have broken them up without turning Belle into a lying slut. This is just reminding me too much of Liz/Lucky/Jason on GH and I can't stand Liz because of all of this. The only thing that is different is that at least Belle regrets it. Liz walks around like she was the victim and did nothing wrong while she lies about the paternity of her child. If Belle gets like that there will be no redemption for her in my book.

I will say that at least this triangle is now focusing on the competition between Shawn/Philip where it originally started years ago. That part was sort of lost when it started to focus on Shawn/Belle/Mimi. BB and JKJ also brought a new dynamic to this feud that had been missing so I do enjoy them with the storyline. A JKJ's Philip is a 100 times more interesting to watch even if I want to knock him out myself. I just don't like that I don't even recognize Belle anymore. To me the daughter of John Black would be much stronger than what we are seeing with Belle.

Actually with Chloe coming back, I kind of wish they would dive into the Philip/Chloe relationship again. I always liked them more than Brady/Chloe. Don't really want to see a quad going on like we have in the past with Austin/Carrie/Sami/Lucas.
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