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Oct 26 2007, 07:58 PM
But the whole time they were married, Belle wanted to be with Shawn. 

This is where the brilliance of this story is (besides the fact that it's Belle, product of an affair, having an affair). Maybe this is just who Belle is, she wants who she's not with. That's how I interpret it, and that's what I enjoy about it because it makes Belle interesting. She's not a total bitch, she's not pure, she's got a major flaw, that's really neat, like Kev was saying in his original post. And it's this character flaw that's a driving force in the storyline (yeah, there's the grieving daughter thing too, but that didn't start it).

It's the only storyline that feels like a complete, functional story to me. Which disturbs me because I've resented these characters for a long time, since they came on and bumped everyone else to the side.
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