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After all... tomorrow is another day!

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Trying to Escape the Boremuda Triangle

By IMissAremid

One million viewers.

That’s the number of people who were watching “Days of our Lives” ten months ago but didn’t bother to tune in last week for John Black’s funeral.


My theory is they got lost in the Boremuda Triangle, also known as the nausea-inducing nightmare that is EJamicas, the storyline that has swallowed this show whole and defecated all over the canvas for about the last ten months. Oh sure, from Jan-April it was the only thing that kept me watching and even until recently I was still enjoying it on a semi-regular basis. No more.

The sad thing is the ratings for last week would have been even worse had “Days” not had the big event of John’s death to draw people back in and bump ratings up to a 2.0 for the first time in several weeks.

Unfortunately, those that did come back have not been given much reason to stay because despite last week’s awesome drama involving the entire cast, this week we have been returned to our regularly scheduled tedium in the Sami Show.

Really, it’s doubly a shame that this disaster had to happen because it could have so easily been averted and with just a little more effort even been turned into a triumph.

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Had this “love triangle” been written with care and fairness, with suspense about which man would triumph and allowing all characters to be likable and sympathetic, had it utilized the strengths of each of the actors and their true characters’ histories rather than attempting to recreate some bastardized version of Stefano/Marlena/John or John/Marlena/Roman, depending on who the scriptwriter was that day, it could have gone down as a truly great story with real angst and drama and emotional payoff.

Instead, we’re stuck with a bad episode of “Maury” as we learn this week that E.J. and Lucas: you are BOTH the father!

Instead, we’re stuck with a love triangle that makes all three participants unrecognizable from their past and who they are on a day-to-day basis with the bipolar writing as the badass bitch at its center is watered down with a cascade of tears (hers and mine) into some fickle and stupid heroine, the supporting actor whose character has murdered people and worked as a DiMera goon is portrayed as a knight in shining armor just because he didn’t dump his wife for getting raped to save his life while the hot, rich, mysterious bad boy that if given half a chance at a real romantic storyline could fulfill just about every female viewer’s fantasy is instead morphed into some heartless sociopath.

Instead, we’re stuck with Lucas telling Sami he’ll never let her go for the billionth time before relenting and saying he will give her the divorce before he changes his mind again, while we’re stuck with E.J. metaphorically twirling his mustache in sinister fashion plotting Lumi’s demise one day and the next being sweet and seemingly genuine telling Sami that he’ll respect her wishes and he just wants them to be friends and make the most out of things. And every day we’re stuck with Sami crying. ENOUGH ALREADY.

Congratulations, Hogan. You’ve successfully ruined my ability to enjoy when E.J. and Sami share scenes together now that I have no hope of the badass bitch ever resurfacing long-term and have come to the realization that instead she’ll be the harried hausfrau shackled to Lucas forever. Now can you just make her and Lucas go away so maybe E.J. can be freed to have his own storyline and get to be something more than lovestruck puppydog/pathetic stalker or if you do insist on keeping them around let E.J. do his own thing while Sami can do something besides cry and Lucas can do something besides threaten E.J. and disown Kate?

Because at this point, I’m so sick of it all, I am just praying that Sami and Lucas’ flight to Santo Domingo for their quickie divorce is a one-way ticket and they get lost in the real Bermuda Triangle on the way.

Anything to get me a reprieve from the Boremuda Triangle.

- Mary

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(thanks cindy)

Performer of the week – Jay Kenneth Johnson (Phillip) … As ridiculous as I think the concept of praying to God that Belle would be in your life is, Jay sold it and made me believe in Phillip and root for him even if giving up on Pocket was odd and as much as the show wants me to feel bad for poor, poor Shawn.

Episode of the week – Wednesday … This episode didn’t scream awesome for me but in a mostly dreary week the Phelle sex and a great soap slap moment thanks to Marlena put this one over the top.

Scene of the week – Lucas’s nightmare for the twins on Thursday didn’t succeed in making me feel sorry for him AT ALL, but it certainly was the most memorable scene of the week for me and I thought all the dayplayers did great in the scene.

Couple of the week – Belle and Phillip … Even if I wasn’t as smitten with their love scene as some others, it was nice to see non-dead people have sex for the first time in a while.

Salem stooge of the week – Shawn D … Cuckolded and blackballed from the Salem Police Academy in one week. Sucks to be him.

Scene-stealer of the week – The cameraman shooting the Shawn-Phillip fight scene. Not sure if I’m crazy about it but I like that “Days” is taking chances and being interesting.

Line of the week – E.J. (Friday) … That would rather explain why Bo had me meet that unpleasant-smelling man. He must’ve been very disappointed when my eyes didn’t pop out in recognition.
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