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On Friday's episode Katie and Jack signed the anulment papers and Katie handed back her wedding ring. OK,I have hated Katie in this but I did feel a little sorry for her.
I can see why Carly is doing this though. Jack knows what he is doing. Carly isn't forcing him in all of this. He could have arranged for a nurse. Also he could go to the hospital on his own and talk to Dr. Evers. If the good doctor would blurt out to Brad about Carly's true condition you know he'd spill it to Jack.
I loved Barbara! I loved how Will and Paul have basically given up and accepted their Mama as she is. Take a note Holden when it comes to Lily. If you don't know what I am talking about see one of my earlier posts,LOL!
I loved Barbara with Meg! To tell you the truth I want Meg gone!I kinda feel sorry for Craig and I can't believe I am typing that!
The adopt a baby story is moving too fast.No sooner are the thoughts out of Will and Gwen's mouth and then the adoption lady is there. It was good to see Linda Cook again.
I am glad they had a farewell scene between Maddie and Gwen and Will.
Now for a little nitpicking:Carly let Parker go to Al's and the farm on his bike . Her house is in Milltown. I believe it has been established that Al's is next to the police station and I believe the farm is in Luther's Corners out in the country in the next county.She tells him to pick up a cookie and some soup at Al's and that it shouldn't take him long to do it!I know,I know! You have to suspend reality when it comes to soaps,LOL!
Today's show was written by new script writer Cheryl Davis.She included historical references in her script like Jennifer and Johnny, Katie's past with Simon and Mike and Will being in the psych ward so that is a good sign that she might be a good addition.

On a personal note: I am loving my new banner!Dusty created it and did a great job as he always does!!!!
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