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Oct 26 2007, 10:17 PM
Oct 26 2007, 07:58 PM
But the whole time they were married, Belle wanted to be with Shawn. 

This is where the brilliance of this story is (besides the fact that it's Belle, product of an affair, having an affair). Maybe this is just who Belle is, she wants who she's not with. That's how I interpret it, and that's what I enjoy about it because it makes Belle interesting. She's not a total bitch, she's not pure, she's got a major flaw, that's really neat, like Kev was saying in his original post. And it's this character flaw that's a driving force in the storyline (yeah, there's the grieving daughter thing too, but that didn't start it).

It's the only storyline that feels like a complete, functional story to me. Which disturbs me because I've resented these characters for a long time, since they came on and bumped everyone else to the side.

Not going to get an arguement from me about character flaws and Belle being brought down a peg or two. My favorite character is Shawn D and he is a walking character flaw. But I still watch him because I am waiting for the day when things do go his way.

Yeah maybe this is Belle's flaw that she doesn't know what she wants and/or she wants what she can't have. I guess to me I just see this character doing a complete 180 like Sami has. I use to watch Sami knowing she was scheming because you knew at some point it was going to blow up in her face yet still cheered for her. I don't even recognize Sami anymore.

I think this storyline might work for me if they do focus on the flaw of Belle and actually show her with regret for what happened and see the character grow from it. I never felt they dealt with the way Belle strung both Shawn/Philip along before and she getting all preachy with Shawn about the Willow stuff (and stupid as he was then, she didn't have right to hold it against him because they were not together as a couple when he was with Willow). She was constantly sneaking behind Philip's back to be with Shawn. She was emotionally cheating on Philip. I just don't buy that Belle had these deep down feelings for Philip and feel like what she did was guilt for treating the way she did when they were married and feeling like she pushed him away when the Claire stuff came out.

I do hope you are right in that this does turn into a character driven story and not just a story where they string fans of both pairings along giving each a little bit. Focus on telling a good story and get to the character layers. Don't just make it about Belle jumping from one guy to another...and please don't add another baby.
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