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Amen, Cubsgirl. I'm a huge, huge Shelle fan but even I have to admit the stakes have been raised with this story. Boy, did Hogan and Ed open up a huge can of worms with this.

It will be very interesting where this goes. Like I've said before and Cubsgirl just said on the board, NO who's the daddy storyline. We've just been through this with EJ/Sami/Lucas and not only that, we have an ongoing drama with Phillip and Shawn over Claire.

I loved Thursday's episode with Hope reading Belle the riot act, and I REALLY loved the fight scenes (and never cross Caroline when she's carrying a stick like that).

My only advice to Days -- shake the fanbases up a bit, but don't piss them off to the point where they bolt. You just killed off a 20-plus year veteran in order to shake up storyline, and the Nielsens aren't the strongest.
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