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:cheers: I agree! The Phelle sex has sucked me back into a triangle I lost interest in TWO years ago. Ed is the man...The sex was hot...JKJ and MM have awesome chemisrty...WE know this secret will be revealed to Shawn...but now the mystery is WHO will blab...WHEN will they blab...And WHERE will they blab...I CAN NOT WAIT FOR CHLOE TO SHOW UP!!! I think Chloe is going to take down Belle.

My feeling is TPTB have realized how DOA Shelle is...BB was a bad cast choice. He and MM have no fire between them. I think the intention of the sex was to make Belle the villian. People on boards are hating Belle right now. If PEOPLE hate BELLE they will be happy when Shawn dumps her. This is the perfect opportunity for TPTB to put Phelle together and open the door for a CLAWN or SHLOE union. I bet TPTB see chemisrty between BB and Nadia and want to use it.JMO
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