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It wasn't that bad of an episode.

The sorority story is not that bad. At least we have young characters in an age appropriate story and not dominating the airtime unless it's in spurts. I LOVE Morgan and I love her with Max. The actress is a breath of fresh air and, while this rapist story is predictable, it's being portrayed in a respectful and realistic manner. The only thing I didn't like was why no one picked up on Ford putting on the black gloves in OCTOBER!!! That's a little suspicious to me but, other then that...

Sami/EJ was boring as hell but Lucas/Kate was interesting. Bryan and Lauren have been great in scenes lately and I was happy that despite their issues he let her spend time with the babies. Sami and Kate being civil was nice too because it shows maturity on both their parts, especially with the babies around.

Not a bad week. Kind of a normal "soapy" week but could've been worse IMO.
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