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Belle has been in love with Shawn since they were about 16. The two of them against the world. They were the next John/Marlena & Bo/Hope... in everyones minds in town.

Then Shawn started to fuck up. The Jan thing first, but others as well. All this time who was there for Belle? Philip. Phil & Belle have always been friends. Then it became something more and as much as shelle fans want to discredit it, it became something real and adult - something shelle never had.

Then they went back to Shelle and painted Philip into the bad guy. However Philip lost the woman he loved, he lost his daughter, so he ran. When he came back he was tough and mature and adult, something Shawn has yet to do. He went afrter his daughter. And yes it was extreme, however if he was her biological father no one would be saying he went to far. And fact is Philip IS her father. He loves her, he cares for her, she the same for him.. and he has raised her.

Belle & Shawn actually started to become a mature adult couple - then enter Willow - and from that point on the fact that belle got back with shawn annoyd me.

However Belle & Shawn once again becma e a real honest couple. It was perfect. However, You could tell all along by Belle helping Philip she cared about him and had feelings for him still.

Belle is a young woman in conflict. She on one hand has her first love, this epic romance for the ages, the father of her child, the man she always saw herself with. Then she has this other guy. her ex husband. her 2nd love in life. her adult love. the man she thought she was the father of her baby. Add to all that confusion in her head the fact that her father just died, the fact that shawn is still prety much a teenager with no life and going nowhere and philip can give her the world. whats a girl to do? Belle really is torn between two men. the man everyone wants her to have and she feels she should be with, Shawn. and the man no one wnats her with but she still wants - and needs, philip.

The affair scenes were so perfect and well done. It just happend. One thing led to another and bam. they were going at it. Belle wanted it just as much as Philip. and HATE this "he used her. he playd off her emotions" argument. bulshit. did u see her undress herslef and him? she wanted it.

Made even better by the fact that hope is now prettymuch blackmailing her into staying away from philip. perfect.

I honestly, am not a big fan of any JKJ BB or MM. And i really dont like belle shawn or philip - but this triangle is by far one of the must complex and real situations on soaps today.
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