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I agree. The stakes have been upped and that was needed. Phelle has chemistry and they sold me on the possibility that they could be a long-term couple. Days has struck gold with this because now human emotions are involved and that is what makes good drama and story. This triangle was ok but now it's just compelling IMO because it's about characters. It's being driven by past events and emotions. What happened earlier this year with Philip doesn't bother me because I think that rage was driven by going through what he went through and I still think Victor put planted alot of seeds while he was taking care of him in that room. Nearly dying on the boat during the storm and nearly losing Claire snapped him out of it. Sure, he still has that scheming bone in him but he's not irrational anymore and his motivations are clear.

This is my favorite story right now and it has so much potential. I can't wait to see how it goes, especially with Ed Scott here.
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