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Oct 27 2007, 12:22 PM
It's being driven by past events and emotions. What happened earlier this year with Philip doesn't bother me because I think that rage was driven by going through what he went through and I still think Victor put planted alot of seeds while he was taking care of him in that room.

I wish they would deal with this aspect of Philip. Because I think there are reasons and layers for this starting with his parents, to what happened in war to what happened with Claire. I wish they could have created some storyline for Philip where he is going against his father and finally standing up for himself with his father.

Speaking of Chloe, I don't know if I really want to see a Chloe/Shawn pairing. Maybe if she does come back with the edge they are talking about she will be a different character and maybe I could see the pairing. But the last time Chloe was on she was constantly whining about her face after the accident and constantly need reassurance from Brady he still cared about her no matter what. After dealing with constantly having to prove him feelings to Mimi, being dragged around by Belle and psycho Willow, I don't know if I want to see Shawn paired with another woman that he constantly has to bend over backwards for to prove himself. I am waiting to see what the character is like before I will say bring on a Chloe/Shawn pairing.

But like everyone else is saying, this storyline definitely has people talking online and gotta give ED and Hogan credit for going this way just the way they did with John's death. Now if they could inject something into this EJ/Sami/Lucas pairing maybe those ratings will slowly climb up.
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