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Steve Frame
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For me I think he was just basically comparing the situation of acting by himself with having sex by yourself.

Personally I found nothing wrong with it, but I respect that some do. For me when I hear the stars say stuff like this it makes them more human for me. I admit that I don't get offended easily, but at the same time I don't hold stars up on a pedestal either. I am not saying anyone here does, but I do know many that do. And I don't hold them to any higher standard than anyone else. They aren't gods and they shouldn't be treated like them. They fart, burp, have wicked thoughts, and put their pants on one leg at a time just like I do.

When they make these type of comments, it brings that home for me and just makes them seem more real. It also makes me feel better about some of the shit I say sometimes. LOL

Drake has always had a wicked sense of humor. His pranks have been the subject of interviews and articles almost since he started. I remember Christie Clark once talking to Daytime TV about some of his pranks and how she got him back once. She baked him some brownies and laced them with fart powder. She said he had lots of scenes that day and trying to work while loaded up with gas was very hard for him. The mag said Drake was a very good sport about it.

I don't know I just love these things about them, and love knowing they aren't full of themselves. It's good to know they know how to have fun.
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