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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Oct 26 2007, 09:58 PM
I think the only reason that I don't like this storyline is that I feel like there is a ton of rewriting to try and make it work. If we didn't have the past history of Philip/Belle, maybe I could believe that she had these unresolved feelings for Philip and is confused on who she really loves. But the whole time they were married, Belle wanted to be with Shawn. And Philip knows how to play Belle's guilt and does it every time.

I agree with everything you said cubsgirl about rewriting the history of Belle's feelings for Phillip and Shawn to try to make this work, although I admit with last week's developments I'm more intrigued in the Shellip triangle than I've been in ages and I used to loathe it as much as I do Ejamicas right now *cough* detailed in this week's column *cough*.

It's annoying that they are rewriting the nature of Belle and Phillip's marriage and they are portraying her this fickle when in the past she was always about Shawn and it simply makes no sense that she would be after Phillip for his money when as John Black's daughter she should have a pretty fat inheritance going her way.

The main reason I can forgive the rewritten history and enjoy this storyline though is because I don't care about Shawn D. enough to feel bad for him and I have no emotional investment in Shelle since Jason Cook left the role while since JKJ was brought back to the role of Phillip (I liked Phloe better than Broe and always thought JKJ was cute but never could enjoy Kyle Brandt in the role because I had developed dislike for him based on his Real World season) I find myself more sympathetic to Phillip's feelings on things.

Oh I used to care, but it's been down hill for both Shawn D. and Shelle for me since nuShawn's first order of business following finding out that Claire was his daughter was destroying Max and Victor's personal property, abandoning Belle and his child so he could play house with some ex-hooker he picked up off the street and then stupidly taking a job as a DiMera goon while his father and everyone warned him about it.

I didn't like that they never made Shawn suffer any real consequences for his behavior toward Belle when she gave up her marriage for him but he didn't dump Willow until he realized she turned psycho. Thus I'm finding a lot of enjoyment now that Shawn can't get in the police academy where I don't think he belongs anyway and I'm enjoying seeing him cuckolded so now he knows how Phillip felt having his wife stolen away and how Belle felt seeing him with Willow. It actually allows me to find Shawn D. more sympathetic that he is having this happen to him to tell you the truth. I suppose it also helps that I felt like the whole time that Phillip had roid rage they were destroying the potential of the characters of Phillip and Willow to try to prop Shelle the same way I see them often using Kate and EJ to prop Lumi.

Because, as befitting my name, I am quite contrary, I resent it when writers do this and so when I don't already have any investment in a couple or character and I see them doing this sort of stunt to try to manipulate me into liking that couple or character more and whitewash their icky history, my instinct is to go against the grain and like the "wrong" couple.

Now some Shelle and Lumi fans may feel like they are just doing the same thing to manipulate people into liking Phelle and EJami and whitewashing those couples' icky history, and while I see some truth in it, in both those cases I feel more like they are righting a wrong that they did against EJ and Phillip sabotaging those couples' chances with their Jan-April handiwork more than propping them when they allow EJ and Phillip to look like less than evil. Of course, I don't expect fans of Shelle or Lumi to see that the same way.

Finally, I like this triangle more because MM did such an awesome job portraying Belle's grief during John's death and funeral that I care about Belle again and I'm kind of in her corner no matter what.

It even has me actually interested in a potential Phillip/Belle/Shawn/Chloe quad, believe it or not.
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