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Oct 27 2007, 10:52 PM
The main reason I can forgive the rewritten history and enjoy this storyline though is because I don't care about Shawn D. enough to feel bad for him and I have no emotional investment in Shelle since Jason Cook left the role while since JKJ was brought back to the role of Phillip (I liked Phloe better than Broe and always thought JKJ was cute but never could enjoy Kyle Brandt in the role because I had developed dislike for him based on his Real World season) I find myself more sympathetic to Phillip's feelings on things.

Oh I agree that JKJ Philip is 1000 times more interesting than KB's (My friend and I never referred to him as Philip but Kyle from the Real World).

I didn't mind the crap the writers had Shawn do after finding out about Claire. Just before JC left (and no fault of his own, but the writers) Shawn put himself on a pedestal that everyone who "wronged" him was beneath him. So the Willow crap...stupid as it was...brought the character off his pedestal.

Like I said in my other post if this story is about the characters and we see them grow for it, then I think it could be a good story. But if it is just going to be going back and forth between each pairing, then I don't want to see that. Still a bit nervous to see where this going because in the past they haven't given me much hope for character written stories. I will say MM impressed a ton during John's funeral so I am interested to see how she handles Belle during this storyline.
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