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Oct 28 2007, 02:59 PM
Oct 28 2007, 02:34 PM
Oct 28 2007, 10:55 AM
Oh JSF get over it man. It was a joke - a silly prank. I'm sure if Drake could let it go and laugh about it, you can.

I'm just glad they all have a good sense of humor.

See, I can't get over that. Because it really scares me. I mean, if someone did that to me, I would honestly hate them forever. And hell, couldn't you even press charges for that sort of thing? I'm sorry but I take it VERY seriously when someone secretly INGESTS me with something that could just as easily had been POISON. It really scares you because it reminds you of mortality and vulnerability.

No one's going to change my position on this, sorry. But frankly, I'm shocked that no one else is creeped out by this, especially in our overly politically correct world.

Make no mistake, in today's world, this is POISON.

I'd love to see Clarke try that shit in the new millennium. Bitch would have the police on her ass so fast!

JSF, enough already. Christie didn't poison Drake. The ingredients in farting powder are licorice and glucose. We all ingest those ingredients in one way or another. You are starting to sound a bit paranoid. Lighten up.

I don't mean to be a prude or sound paranoid (and in truth, I am a bit paranoid -- well, a lot paranoid, which is ironic considering Rick's half-point in the next post).

My thinking is this: Don't drug me in any way shape or form, because if you put something in my drink, in my cake, in anything, frankly? I'll never trust you again. Because that suggests you have the ability and thought process to drug me or force me to ingest something I otherwise wouldn't. And that could mean that I'd be extra paranoid in the future of other people, thinking they could have easily spiked a drink or put roofies or other drugs in my servings.

The thing is, I watch "Passions." I see someone try to kill Sheridan with acid in her drink (circa 2000). So now I'm alert to those things. If I go to a restaurant, honestly? I'll dip my finger in there to make sure it's not acid, before drinking it. We live in a crazy world. And I'm in the media, which means some people could want vengeance for something I've done on the clock. :lol:

Remember "American Pie?" How Stiffler got the cum-laced drink and drank it, accidentally? That taught me to pour my own drink at parties with people of questionable character (meaning, through a friend of a friend, as opposed to a friend).

Life brings with it lessons. Many, fortunately, can be learned on TV. See the precautions I've made, taking a cue from TV and film?

The point is, don't take chances. And if I were Drake, okay, maybe I could forgive her. But what if, down the line, I pissed her off for some reason? It happens in every work place, you know. My point is, I would be nice to her face but I wouldn't accept anything she gave me, ever again.
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