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I watch and I think it's a pretty good show. It's not as cringworthy as the critics and people that don't watch it make it seem like.

Wooo... that little "Miss 'Get Over It'" is a trip and half. LOL!

And there's been quite a few really good tear-jerker moments... not that I cried. I'm just saying. :P Like this week when DK had enough of all of the kids attitudes and had decided he wanted to leave and the other kids started crying. All this before he knew that he was going to be this week's recipient of the gold star. I was "No! Just hang in there for a few more minutes." LOL! And then there was his coming to Taylor's defense and the bonding between him and Guylan. These moments make the show worth watching. Like the prayer thing a few weeks ago where the children came together and had someone from different religions give a prayer and that one kid was visibly moved by the experience.

It truly is a guilty pleasure. I mean... I hope these kids aren't scarred for life from this experience. But I think the parents are more to blame than CBS.

The show's ratings have actually been going up the past couple of weeks and CBS must be satisfied that it's winning the children demos (6-11; 2-11) since they've been putting out press releases after each episode has aired.
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