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LMAO @ John saying "That's it?" after he sent the devil back to hell WHERE HE BELONGS!!!!! :lol:

Vivian and Ivan are awesome in this episode. I wish they would return to Salem someday soon. I loved how Vivian asked the lawyer to tell Sami to look sweet and innocent ("She can look sweet and innocent, can't she?" LMAO!). LOL @ Vivian dressed as a nun. Sami looks so young in this episode, but Lucas looks even younger. LOL I forgot Vivian was working with him to bring Sami back home to Salem from Seattle to stop Carrie and Austin's wedding. I forgot about Tara Reid playing Sami's friend, too.

I love seeing all those old characters in this episode, recasts and all, in the scenes at the church. Kristen, Carrie and Austin, Lisa Rinna's Billie, Mrs. H, Gina (Kristian looked so beautiful), Mark Valley's Jack Deveraux, etc. Ooh and it's nice to see Mike Horton again. So dreamy! :wub:

The scenes with John bringing Marlena into the church and everyone cheering after she woke up and Marlena tearfully saying she didn't want to go to the hospital and she wants walk to the car were wonderful. Aww! And now it's raining. I just got chills. Great episode! :D
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