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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Weren't they pretty, Jinxed?

Jensen Ackles *swoon*

Now as for today's show...

Boy I've got a headache from all the SOMEONE WILL MAKE AN ATTEMPT ON EJ'S LIFE anvils falling out of all the characters' mouths onto my head.

Lucas talking about being dangerous or needing to take things into his own hands just is NOT credible. I mean yeah I could see him doing something in the heat of the moment but actual premeditation with all of this puffing up his chest stuff? Not seeing it. Blah blah blah vendetta. Blah blah blah have to marry EJ. Blah blah blah not letting you go. ENOUGH! Either divorce Lumi or don't, show. Just don't make us watch them go around in circles about it anymore!
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