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Well, this was a switch--I FFd all the Sami/Lucas scenes and actually watched the younger set in their sorority story. I really can't take much more of the Lumi/Ejami merry-go-round. But the sorority stuff was kind of weird...it seemed strange that Nick was there but Stephanie wasn't, then the twins showed up out of nowhere--and did I miss something? How did they know where Nick would be? He was leaving the sorority house when he got the phone call about Chelsea so how did the twins find out the address? And...what a shock...there's a bomb! But don't worry, Chelsea--in Salem, the bombs are always non-fatal.

Today's highlights for me were 1) Morgan --- I love her! and 2) just hearing the names Kimberly, Rex and Cassie Brady! I thought they had been totally forgotten.
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