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It's not that I think Carly's being written out of character, it's that Carly is constantly set up to fail that bothers the hell out of me. I mean, the woman thought she was dying, and instead of being able to celebrate the news, she's plunged back into chasing Jack. This story should be about Jack finding his way back to Carly, and instead JPiss has made it a referendum on Carly's lying AGAIN.

Y'know, Peck's not bad. But this holier-than-Carly, "I don't want to stab my brother in the back" crap was ridiculous. In the ENTIRE time Brad's been back, has he EVER shown he gives two damns about Jack? To be fair, Jack hasn't shown anything more than a condescending tolerance of Brad either.

I loved seeing Babs and Iris together.

Is there anything more painful than watching Gwen and Will go at it? ICK.
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