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Steve Frame
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Nathaniel Marston suspended from OLTL! Phillip's back on GL! Insane new plot twist on ‘Passions’! Two ‘Days’ actors fired!
“It’s getting a little confusing. I’m straight in the day and gay at night. Sometimes, around dusk I’m celibate.” — Desperate Housewives’ Tuc Watkins jokes to TV Guide US’s Michael Logan regarding this week’s OLTL return as David Vickers.

Writer’s strike looming
Many wonder if the Writers Guild of America strike, whose members’ current contract expires on Oct. 31, would improve soaps (with the exception of the steller OLTL and B&B. Hey, the writing can’t get any worse on some other soaps). At press time, writers are in dire contract negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Productions. If the two groups fail to come up with a deal, a writers’ strike could occur as early as midnight Oct. 31.

All My Children (A-Channel/ABC) — Side effects may include dizziness, nausea, and death

If you experience trouble sleeping, let me give you the perfect sleep aid – turn on AMC and you’ll fall into a coma immediately. Let’s see if this week is any different: stop the presses, everyone, Kendall becomes more obsessed with revenge; Erica targets Greenlee; JR eyes a drink (perhaps he should make an appointment at the local barber instead); Richie’s health is under suspicion; and Babe reunites with JR, who dumps Ava and Amanda. Wake me up when it’s all over … Zzzz …

As the World Turns (CH/CBS) — Katie investigates Carly’s illness!

Fans know that Carly’s not really dying, and this week our sassy sweetheart Katie investigates. Good thing, too, because intellectually-challenged Jack breaks ties with his new wife Katie by taking off his wedding ring. Carly and Jack deserve each other — you’re better off Katie, trust me. In real life, Van Hansis (Luke) is moonlighting beginning Oct. 24 for a five-month run in the off-Broadway production of Die Mommie Die! in New York City. Also, this just in: Wally Kurth’s (Sam) first airdate is Nov. 28.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CTV/CBS) — Soldiering on … after Tylo tragedy and California fires

Now this is interesting: one of my teenage crushes, the gorgeous and sexy Todd McKee, reprises his role as Jake MacClaine on Nov. 14 for a limited time, says a B&B spokesperson. Last time we saw Jake, he was romantically involved with Felicia and Macy, and is a sexual abuse survivor. Is he heading to town to help Brooke? Either way, it looks like our dear Felicia may be getting some action this fall!

In more serious news, the B&B cast soldiered on during a recent cast photo shoot. With Hunter Tylo (Taylor) mourning the loss of her son Mikey due to last week’s tragic drowning/seizure death, Lesley Ann Down (Jackie) guarding her house against the horrific California fires, and Ashley Jones (Bridget) in Ottawa shooting a Lifetime movie, three stand-ins had to be used so the stars could later be inserted. According to the dashing David Gregg, B&B’s director of international publicity, “it was a somber mood, but we all got through it. I’m very proud of this cast,” he says. As for rumours that Tylo has asked to be released from her contract, don’t believe them — she’s not going anywhere.

Coronation Street (CBC) – Fan fave returns!

Producers are courting Bruno Langley (Todd) to return to the soap on a full-time basis. He debuted on the hit show in 2000 and departed four years later to co-star on Doctor Who. Corrie's executive producer Kieran Roberts told The Sun: "We’ve been very impressed with Bruno's performances and the writers will be coming up with ideas to bring Todd back.”

Days of our Lives (Global/NBC) — Philip and Belle have sex! Hogestyn update

“Not true,” Days spokesperson Daniella Mancinelli says with a laugh regarding an interesting rumour surrounding the series. The yarn has Drake Hogestyn returning to Days sometime in January 2008 as a new character related to John Black named Russell McAllister (not to be confused with Rob Lowe’s character on Brothers & Sisters), who is married to a teacher, Anne, and has a son named Gadge.

Days has axed two more cast members, Renee Jones (Lexie) and Marcus Patrick (Jett); but don’t expect James Reynolds (Abe) to follow suit; he’s not going anywhere, our sources report.
I Wanna Be A Soap Star 4 winner Ashlee Holland joins the soap in a TBA role on Dec. 26.
In plot news, Sami’s life just went from bad to worse — EJ is the father of her baby son; Kate conspires with the DiMeras to make it look like she’s the next John Black; Nick rescues Chelsea; Belle confides in Sami regarding her sexual romp with Philip; and Marlena freaks out on Hope about revenge. Good times.

General Hospital (CTV/ABC) — Georgie, not their minds …

Is Lindze Letherman (Georgie) the next victim in GH’s recent murder-spree extravaganza? Sources say “you betcha,” while a spokesperson for GH issues a predictable “no comment.” I’d prefer it if Georgie just moved out of town, reunite with Dillion or visit her MIA mother Felicia. The character could have a viable future, especially if GH decided to bring her back as an adult.

GH pulls a 24 once again when Nikolas launches his annual black-and-white ball, at which someone is murdered. But this time it’s no nanny — it’s a major character. Well, that’s a matter of opinion, I guess. The soap rewinds 11 hours to explain why this show loves to kill people, and lots of them at the same time. Someone hire headwriter Bob Guza an escort already! Also, Lucky breaks up a juicy catfight between Liz and Sam, Luke exposes Logan, and Maxie violently defends Robin.
Should John Brotherton (Jared, OLTL) be worried? Not yet, but I have to admit I’m having infidelity issues thanks the oh-so-sexy and intense Brandon Barash (Johnny). Logan, who?

Guiding Light (CH/CBS) — Phillip stalks Olivia!

Is Grant Aleksander back on GL? Not yet, but the character is everywhere this week in Springfield. Olivia receives a mysterious gift from Phillip and a few phone calls, making her fear he’s after Emma. Expect Olivia to lean on pal Gus. Also this week: Cyrus and Harley kiss (ewww!); a murder shocks the town; Gus asks Harley for an annulment; Will goes home with Cassie; and Dinah escapes. In casting news, Jim Davidson (Alonzo) returns on Oct. 31 for a special Halloween episode; he left the soap in 2005.

Nathaniel Marston (Michael, 'OLTL') is in hiding just like Marcie and Tommy!
One Life to Live (A-Channel/ABC) — Marston suspended!

Following Nathaniel Marston's (Michael) arrest last week, ABC announced it has suspended the actor while the soap investigates the legal matter. "We are reviewing the matter internally, and until completion of this review we have taken him off the schedule," said a rep, who would not reveal if the role would be recast. In reel life, Alex and David return on Friday, while “death” stalks the teen set, John and Todd are arrested and play “drop the soap,” and Viki goes on a date with Charlie. Oh, and on Tuesday life is a drag — literally — for Marcie, who’s rescued by an entertaining group of female impersonators. Life is good, indeed.

Passions (DirecTV/SuperChannel) – Passions is officially the worst show in TV history!

I can’t recall being more shocked about upcoming plot lines than when I learned from TV Guide’s Michael Logan that intersexual Vincent is pregnant this week — and his father Julian (Vincent donned drag to seduce his papa) or his uncle Chad (whom he had a gay affair with) could be the father. WTF? Passions is officially out of control — and James E. Reilly needs to be committed soon.

The Young and the Restless (Global/CBS) — Rikaart lands CSI

The Clear Spring fallout continues: Katherine is blamed for the disaster; Victor launches into attack mode; Nikki and Victor must make a life-and-death decision regarding Victoria; Phyllis is out of jail; and Gloria and Jeff continue their predictable game of cat and mouse. Emmy winner Greg Rikaart (Kevin) plays Scott, the son of Horatio’s rival Joe LeBrock, on an upcoming CSI: Miami on Nov. 12.


Deidre Hall, Days of Our Lives
Kudos to Deidre Hall for her understated yet heartfelt performance as Marlena mourned the death of the love of her life, John Black, on Days last week. At times, I couldn’t believe I was watching Days — there was a weight, seriousness, and reality to the soap that has been rarely seen before. And guess what, it worked; give me more! Memo to Hall: submit yourself for Emmy consideration. Now’s the time.

Katherine Kelly Lang and Susan Flannery, The Bold and the Beautiful
It was worth the wait: Brooke and Stephanie’s highly anticipated confrontation over Logan’s rape was so riveting, intense, and ugly that I had to pause the television a few times to catch my breath. Why did I feel like this was happening to me? I’m not sure I really want to know why, but I do know that Susan Flannery (Stephanie) and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) effortlessly elevated soap acting to an art form — these brutally extraordinary and horrific scenes made me cry on more than one occasion. I’m speechless, really. Expect a thesis on Brooke’s rape in the near future — which is why I’ve been uncharacteristically mum on this whole storyline.

Erika Slezak, Ron Carlivati, and the Directing Team, One Life to Live
Welcome back, Erika Slezak (Viki) — I’ve missed you! Since popping back up in Paris, Texas (c’mon, is that poetic or what?), Viki is re-energized, focused, and transformed. Introducing a supporting cast of new characters to support Viki’s new life reminds me of the good old days on OLTL, à la the Old West, and Eterna. Just when you think new headwriter Ron Carlivati has hit a plateau in the excellence department, he shocks us with something as exquisite as this new story. Also, has anyone noticed that the soap’s directing team is thinking outside the box with avant garde camera shots (take note, ATWT), visual segues, and scene bumpers? Carlivati proves what I’ve been saying for years — if you write it, it will come. When you honour and respect your soap, you inspire everyone to excel.

Days-ja vu!
The latest Drake Hogestyn (ex-John, Days) rumour got me thinking — a scary predicament, I admit. Days’ biggest problem is its biggest strength: its super-star cast. Tune in, and you’d think it’s 1989 again. While we’re thrilled that the show’s most popular super-couples are back in Salem, there’s also no new blood on the canvas to keep stories moving forward. Even the teen set is comprised of offspring from these super-couples. While we’re happy couples like Patch and Kayla, and Bo and Hope, are still thriving, you need to strike a balance. Three decades later, Days’ main story is still the DiMeras’ vendetta against the Bradys. We’ve seen it all before – let’s move on and bring in a new family or a new generation of interlopers to inspire a new chapter.

1. One Life to Live
2. General Hospital
3. The Bold and the Beautiful
4. Days of Our Lives
5. The Young and the Restless

1. Susan Flannery (Stephanie, B&B)
2. Erika Slezak (Viki, OLTL)
3. Tonja Walker (Alex, OLTL)
4. Eileen Davidson (Ashley, B&B)
5. Deidre Hall (Marlena, Days)

1. Tuc Watkins (David, OLTL)
2. Jack Wagner (Nick, B&B)
3. Anthony Geary (Luke, GH)
4. Eric Braeden (Victor, Y&R)
5. John McCook (Eric, B&B)

1. Alex and David, OLTL
2. Stephanie and Eric, B&B
3. Victor and Nikki, Y&R
4. Viki and Charlie, OLTL
5. Lucas and Sami, Days

Published: Monday, October 29, 2007

Super couple article

This is a link to the one for GL. It is Jeffrey and Reva. For whatever reason he calls them O'Shayne...I thought their couple name was Jeffeva. I'm confuzzled. http://entertainment1.sympatico.msn.ca/TV_...guidinglight_NB

The other couples listed are B&B's Stephanie and Brooke, Days' Lucas and Sami, ATWT's Noah and Luke, GH's Robin and Patrick, Passions' Eve and Julian, AMC's Kendall and Zach, and Y&R's Nick and Phyllis. No OLTL duo made the list.

BL (who was surprised to see in her copy print edition of USA TvGuide that they paid for a small banner sized ad about Harley/Cyrus/Marina with the text "One Thief, Two stolen hearts.)
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