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Steve Frame
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Erika Slezak, Ron Carlivati, and the Directing Team, One Life to Live
Welcome back, Erika Slezak (Viki) ó Iíve missed you! Since popping back up in Paris, Texas (címon, is that poetic or what?), Viki is re-energized, focused, and transformed. Introducing a supporting cast of new characters to support Vikiís new life reminds me of the good old days on OLTL, ŗ la the Old West, and Eterna. Just when you think new headwriter Ron Carlivati has hit a plateau in the excellence department, he shocks us with something as exquisite as this new story. Also, has anyone noticed that the soapís directing team is thinking outside the box with avant garde camera shots (take note, ATWT), visual segues, and scene bumpers? Carlivati proves what Iíve been saying for years ó if you write it, it will come. When you honour and respect your soap, you inspire everyone to excel.

I totally agree with everything he says here.

From the previews I have read I can believe 4 of the 5 shows to watch but from previews Days just does nothing to make me want to watch. GL's previews right now sound more interesting than Days. The upcoming Olivia and Dinah stories on GL sound great.
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