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Max and her are great. Great chemistry and she can act. She needs to go contract. What a breath of fresh air. Kudos to casting and to Ed because this is his influence here. The fact that I like her right off the bat speaks volumes. I actually like alot of the girls in the sorority. This story is pretty good as a supporting story. Good seeing Nick again. Wish we saw more of Billie. She needs more to do then this. Seems like Jett is completely on the outs :lol: . We don't even get to see him. It seems like this story was truncated a bit.

I am glad the Nick and the kids story is getting tied up and the whole Chelsea bomb thing had a creepy, movie-like vibe to it with the lighting and all. I am glad Chick seem to be on the path to a reunion. Days had a nice couple there and they need to work on repairing that.

I liked the scene where Kate saw that the babies last names had changed and, therefore, so had Lucas's. Lauren played that scene well and I am glad she put up a fight against EJ. I am worried about her doing this though because I have a feeling Kate may be on her last legs so to speak. Sami and Lucas was boring except for the brief moment where Sami showed her spark and feisty side when she told Lucas about making EJ's life hell. I love the EJ death threats. It keeps me going through all the going around in circles. Makes me think we are close to getting somewhere. The dream was awesome. Nice Halloween treat. Loved the mentions of Rex, Cassie, Carrie, Eric, and Kim. That alone made the episode pretty good for me. Glad they remembered everyone there and loved the lighting and vibe of that scene. Not a bad job by Drake at all and Ali was great there. The body bags were creepy. Drake being there does make me wonder, even if we all knew he would be appearing... :lol:

Not a bad show really.
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