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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Oct 30 2007, 12:49 AM

The way Marlena said that and Hope's reaction was chilling!!

Also, is it just me or does Ali look much better then she did while Sami was pregnant? It looks like her hair is shorter and she just looked better for some reason, not that she didn't look great before.

Can't wait for this!! Seems like we got two big weeks ahead of us for sweeps!

Well she looks better in the sense that in the clip her cheeks aren't red and her eyes aren't puffy from having to look like she's been crying, which I think has been a big part of the problem of late.

But seeing you mention her hair being different I clicked on this hoping they would take her hair to a more natural shade of blonde but nope it's just as bright blonde as usual, almost so white it matches her skin. Maybe this would work better if she was tanning or wore more dramatic makeup?

In any event, I'm excited for the Marlena being a badass stuff, could really give a crap about the Lumi angst and not interested in seeing them in bathrobes at all.
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