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After all... tomorrow is another day!

OK to expound on thoughts from earlier since I fell asleep in the middle of the show the first time I attempted to watch it again today... :lol:

Yay for Nick kicking ass. I'm happy to see Chick sharing scenes again even if we are stuck with stupid bombs again. At least that Andre isn't responsible (we think) makes it a little more interesting, as do the disco lights for wherever Chelsea is being held captive. And it was so sad when the boys were yelling daddy and Nick was telling the bad guy to stay away from his kids. I hope they're OK!

Lucas and Sami better really be fucking over like BD says they are in articles if they are torturing us with this crap so much. I just can't seriously believe Lucas is dangerous and that he can actually take on the DiMeras and it's annoying how wishywashy Sami is that one minute she shows a little fire like she has a plan to take down the DiMeras from the inside but then she vacillates back to delusionally believing Lucas will make everything all right. GMAFB.

I did like EJ being manipulative but not totally sinister today. Not crazy about Kate being used to prop Lumi more in that just when it seems like she has some character growth, the writers are hellbent on having her relapse into doing anything and everything to have Lucas love her to make Lucas and Sami look like victims more to big bad Kate.

I love Morgan. I really like Max and Morgan. But I was bummed to see Morgan defending Ford because that pretty much blows up my new theory that Ford isn't actually the campus rapist because I have no doubt in my mind that Max will have to play rescuer at some point and Morgan will be victimized. :( BTW, it was today that it finally dawned on me how ridiculous the idea of a campus rapist is. I mean, maybe I'm jaded because I went to a school with like 30,000 students so when they told us freshmen year that 1 in 6 women is a victim of sexual assault that translated into A LOT of campus rapists, not just one, so this story is a bit ridiculous from that standpoint. Of course, so was my university's method for protecting women from rape which was handing them rape whistles, but that's a digression for another day...

Sami's dream was creepy. Yay for Rex and Cassie and Kimberly being remembered. But boo for this being John's last scene. He really did die just so Sami would marry EJ? Lame.
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