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I have to agree with the majority about Ali's hair. I hate the platinum. Her natural color is pretty. This shade is so white you almost see her scalp. And does Sami always have to look like some "I don't care how I look" hausfrau? Burn those nasty pjs, please.

I'm not surprised at this promo one bit. HS is again ignoring his own stories. Marlena is focused on EJ when Steffy is still around and who can forget the insane Andre? Apparently HS. All plot driven crap to setup the big shootout and the following whodunnit. If he put just a bit of thought into it, the show could be so good. The characters are there, he just uses them so badly. And I agree about the bathrobes stuff for Lumi...ugh. Reminds me of the getway while Sami was scamming Lucas by drugging him and attempting to burn EJ to death. And for heaven's sake, please no comments from Lucas about "liftoff" and inches. My stomach is not up to it. Is HS trying to make this divorce some romantic vacation?

FREE EJ, FREE EJ...please!!!! His arms are tired from holding up the borresters. A hunky man is a terrible thing to waste (just ask Phil).

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