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I'm also a little confused about why EJ is the focus of Marlena (and everyone's) hate when Stefano is still around. I'm tired of all the Bradys dumping on EJ for everything, even when he isn't at fault. But at least we'll get some good Marlena stuff. And I agree AS needs to adjust her hair color from that platinum blonde; even the red hair a few years ago was better than this. She looks too washed out, but earlier in the year when she was tanned she was too tan and that didn't look good either. She needs to go a little darker with her hair and stop crying so she doesn't look pink and puffy and then she would look great. She's very pretty, but she could look even prettier. And the show really puts her through the ringer...I felt so bad for her when she was pregnant in real life, ready to deliver, and she had to do those intense Sami/Brandon/Lucas scenes wrapped in a sheet!
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