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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Is that a bedroom set I see? Steve and Kayla given the chance for just a wee bit of romance even as they talk about all that's been taken from them? Bestill my heart.

But why was Stephanie out partying and throwing a pity party for herself over Max when presumably she and all the other sisters were supposed to be looking for Chelsea after she got abducted. At least Morgan actually cared about her. What a brat. Oh OK. Now she is confessing to Steve that she is a bad daughter so I guess she knows she sucks at least. Oh damn her time with Steve and Kayla was kind of cute. Yay family moments. Wait why won't Max forgive her? What happened? Oh no!

Is this really the ending of the Artemis and Demarquette story they initially intended? Because if that's the case I have to say WTF was the point of it all?

To make me fall in love with Nick all over again? Because ummm... mission accomplished, I guess? Damn Blake Berris was adorable today and I really felt bad for Nick as ridiculous as this was. And it looks like Chelsea did too because she blew off Jett. Yayyyy. <3 Chick <3 And how cute were Morgan and Max busting them making out? What's their name? Magan? Morgax? Either way I flove them.

In any event, nice to have a break from EJamicas, if only for one day. With all the Ford Decker is the campus rapist anvils I don't think I could handle those AND even more of the someone will try to kill EJ anvils too.
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