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So what did Stephanie do that Max won't forgive her for? For being out partying while her best friend Chelsea was missing? It was good to hear Stephanie admit to some of her faults today while talking to her parents, but I'm still a long ways from liking this character. I much prefer Morgan, and I don't even care that she's a newbie; I hope she sticks around for a long while.

The Demarquette/Artemis story seemed to end rather abruptly, but that's fine by me because I never understood the point. If they just wanted to mature Nick and redeem his character somewhat after the Billie affair and the Willow disaster, it seems they could have found a less convoluted way to do it. But it did work--I'm back to liking Nick again and the Chick cuteness was very much in evidence today. It was great to see Billie, but I could have done without Jett. He seemed to be sleepwalking through his scenes today (as usual); hopefully, he will not be tormenting me much longer.

I hope Stephanie listens to Kayla's advice and gives up on Max. I like him with Morgan. She's demonstrated poor judgment time after time; she needs to take a break from relationships and work on developing some maturity.

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