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This was written by Marcus's agent. I saw it at FL. I guess it was posted up at NBC.

Dear Crazy4Jett and all his other wonderful fans,

This is Marcus' agent. I too was shocked when we got the call that they weren't picking up Marcus' contract. Several times when I was on set with him he was called "Superstar" by Ed Scott (a very nice man with a very tough job). We felt good about the association with Days and the wonderful "family" feeling Marcus got from many at NBC. There was tension prior to Ed Scott's arrival as Stephen Wyman was a bit abusive to the cast members. But that seemed to subside as Ed began his reign. We all felt the love from the fans as we paid attention to the blogs and felt that Marcus may (along with all the other great cast members) be just the ticket to bring Days ratings up to a respectable level. The Touch the Sky storyline was weak at best, and his relationship with Chelsea wasn't quite believeable, but Marcus did his best to bring realism and a higher level of acting to the show. We all felt that a possible relationship with Billie was coming, but then BOOM the hammer went down.

The greatest thing about his time on Days again was the love from the fans.

His PLAYGIRL has become the biggest selling issue ever and continues to sell. His popularity soared on IMDB to 1990 (a low number is great) eclipsing even Allison Sweeney as the top rated character/star on Days. I had to take a step back and wonder where this came from. Why would you bench your lead player? No matter if he was a "rookie" on the soap or not, he was a ratings bonanza.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Ed Scott and we spoke of today's television (daytime and nightime) and he spoke of diversity. The need to bring Days into reality. The world isn't all white bread anymore. I asked him just how many times can Stefano come back from the grave? It was bordering on ridiculous. The vendetta story was a joke and the twins are just a rehash of the same old stuff Days has been airing for the last 25 years. Bringing back the old characters was a band aid fix. And if it was meant to bring viewers, it failed miserably. I felt he was in agreement.

I had the pleasure of getting close with Abe (James Reynolds) Carver. He is a class act. But face it. He has been on that show forever and has had no real story line. I don't want to say token, but if the shoe fits. Why not make a story involving the Carver family. The are upstanding and respected on the show. Perhaps bring in an extremely strong female Carver to do battle with someone.

I think everyone is tired of the Brady/Dimera fued. If I read the blogs correctly Sami is so over exposed and over played. Lucas (Bryan Datillo) is not the anchor male the show needs.

We are lucky. Marcus is loved by the networks. They know (it is their business) that he is ratings waiting to happen. Whether it is a difficult acting piece, or a steamy scene, Marcus can handle it. We are so blessed that immediately after his release, we were able to secure meetings with the heads of Daytime at CBS and ABC. You never know where he'll pop up. Also, Jett hasn't been killed off, just let out of his contract. Hope (Kristen Alfonso) was off the show for 5 years. Things happen.

I heard from reliable sources, that Days is the only show where the writers seem to have control. Well my only response is that Ken Corday needs to shake things up in a big way or Days will disappear. NBC will leave the daytime drama to the other networks and fill the void with something else. I don't blame them. The lame horse doesn't run in the race anymore. The strong survive.

I think it's time for you the viewers to force Days to put up or go away. You can control what happens by airing your views here. Let them know you're not going to put up with mediocrity. No more ridiculous storylines. Get current. Bring in ethnic diversity. The sponsors will reap the benefits if a more culturally diverse market starts watching Days. Just think, Marcus alone reached out to several demographic groups that probably never tuned into a soap. African American, Latino, and the Gay markets are the fasting growing consumer markets in the country. Why court the tired and stale, when you can go for new and fresh. This was a marketing blunder that could just sink the show.

In closing, you as fans have a responsiblity to tell Ken Corday what you want. I am sure he'll listen. He is a brilliant businessman. Sometimes you just get blinded and lose your way. Maybe your voices will awaken the giant and Ken will put his foot down and make the changes.

Crazy4Jett, I wish you and all the fans all blessings in your lives and will always be grateful for your kind words and support for my very best client and my friend Marcus Patrick.

Jett's Agent
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