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My God...could Marcus's ego get any larger? To make matters worse, the agent is stroking it with his comments. This guy thinks he is bigger then Ali and other stars and that he can single-handedly aid in bringing the ratings up? Did he see the ratings this summer? The TTS story brought the whole show down and is the reason why the ratings tanked. Idiot. Farah Fath and him would get along well together. Someone should play matchmaker for them.

I still think his other "activities" played a role but I also think this came down to his acting ability, much like Trevor Donavon. I can't believe some of these comments about Jim Reynolds and does he realize Ashley is coming on and Tanya Boyd is still there. Days does need more diversity but they have had that in bit parts this year. China Lee, Nick's kids, etc. They have made an effort at least. It's too bad these two had to be so arrogant because some of the things they said made me hopeful like them mentioning the show needing balance improvement and how stories did not end up as well as they should've. It sounds to me like Marcus hated the fact that the feud story took away from the spotlight being on him. He shouldn't because TT had more focus all summer then the feud.

Whatever the case, I can't take any of this shit seriously. The fact that they think Days is a show with writers having control over it is a red flag. Days has always had Corday and Wyman interfering and the fact that his agent thinks Corday is a smart businessmen and needs to shake things up actually frightens me. Corday is so far from that it isn't even funny. I do believe what he said about Wyman because everyone seems happy he is gone. The rest is BS and egotistical shit that only makes me happier his untalented ass got tossed out the door. I am so glad because I did not want him anywhere near Billie. I actually hate the fact that they were even going there since Billie already slept with one guy her daughter was interested in with Nick so why would they go there again? Ugh.

Thank God he's gone. :wave:
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