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Oct 30 2007, 05:56 PM
Oct 30 2007, 02:34 PM
The Demarquette/Artemis story seemed to end rather abruptly, but that's fine by me because I never understood the point.  If they just wanted to mature Nick and redeem his character somewhat after the Billie affair and the Willow disaster, it seems they could have found a less convoluted way to do it.  But it did work--I'm back to liking Nick again and the Chick cuteness was very much in evidence today.  It was great to see Billie, but I could have done without Jett.  He seemed to be sleepwalking through his scenes today (as usual); hopefully, he will not be tormenting me much longer. 

IMO, the story was there just to keep Nick on background so they can work on Chelsea/Jett pairing. For some reason it never progressed (thanks god) and it was just hanging in the air so they finally adressed it today along with the Jett/Chelsea/Nick situation.

Itīs obvious Scott/Sheffer are cleaing the table for the big November/December stories and trying to atleast somewhat logically resolve all the old and failed storylines from summer.

I think your exactly right.

I also think they did it to help repair the damage done to Nick and to get anyone that didn't like him before to like him. It seems to me they succeeded. This story with the kids was cute. It didn't dominate airtime and that is why I wasn't bothered by the fact that it ended so abruptly. I don't think this was a re-write but I do think the Jett/Chelsea/Nick stuff was. They just dropped that after a whole summer of building it and today they basically tied it up. I think that may have been the purpose of pairing Billie and Jett in the workplace because I think a month or so ago they opted to drop Jett/Chelsea and were working him in with Billie. Thankfully, Marcus is gone so that will never come about.

The scenes with Nick and the kids were sad. Blake was great there and Rachel and him rocked their scenes today. I love Chick again and I think today actually salvaged both their characters from the debacle of the past 6 or so months. That is the kind of romance we need and the kind of character development the young characters need to endear them to the audience. Same goes for Stephanie. Those Johnson family bonding scenes are long overdue and Shelley always shows her potential in those scenes. She was great, especially in that last scene. To me, today went a long way towards developing Chelsea, Nick, and Stephanie and that is a good thing. I cared a bit before but now I feel I care alot more about them. I already love Max and Morgan is one of my faves. Days is finally starting to improve the young set to a point where I actually like seeing them more then Lucas/Sami/EJ. Hell, maybe that is the intention of Sami and co. being on so much. It makes us long for the young set more :lol: .

Loved Max and Morgan and I do like this Ford story. I think today was a traditional Days episode. It had family moments, drama, and romance (loved the Chick scene by the fireplace and Steve and Kayla's hiding under the covers). I know some don't watch these episodes with the young cast but I would encourage those that don't to watch this episode. It really was a solid episode and really went a long way toward getting past this summer. I, too, think Ed and Hogan are beginning to clean up the mess and I think by December we will be seeing new stories develop.

Oh, and to go a bit further with IMA's comments, I think Stephanie had a run in with Ford too. That last scene had an eeriness to it and her wanting to shower so badly and the fact that she didn't seem too gung ho on going back to campus are red flags. I agree that she thinks she brought it on herself and that could make for a good story for the Johnson's. Stephanie's actions this year could play well into this and could lead to a lot of growth. I see major potential to tell a great character-driven story. We'll see.

Good show though. Tomorrow looks pretty great.
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